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About Serendipitous 


I started this business because I have an absolute LOVE of plants and jewelry.  I wanted to be able to bring joy to others by bringing the best of both worlds together in one place.  My goal was to have beautiful plants and variety of fine jewelry that included children’s jewelry.


I grew up with humble upbringings.  So, the inspiration and love that I have for plants came from my grandfathers & father.  Because my grandfathers were farmers, I was able to enjoy my childhood in the vineyard & on the ranch.  Being able to watch one grandfather grow his beautiful grapes while the other grew bright red tomatoes, chilis, & squash.  I also watched my father grow & propagate all his plants.  To this day these are still some of my best memories. 


My granddaughter, children & husband are the reason I wanted to carry fine jewelry. Along with the fact that I personally just enjoy wearing stackable pieces. Being able to share a piece of jewelry for any occasion or just to say I love you and is beautifully crafted, that has made many more special memories for me.  


My hopes are to bring my customers the same joys & happiness that I have experienced when receiving a plant or a fine piece of jewelry.  






  1. occurring or discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

"a serendipitous encounter"

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